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Monday, July 21, 2008

All athletes must contend with being injured from time to time. Then there is the sometimes lengthy process of rehabilitation back to peak physical condition. I have personally overcome this situation by being in a permanent state of injury. You really know where you stand that way - you know, it sort of eliminates the 'getting injured' part.

No, I'm just kidding. I really like joking about how old I am now even though I'm only 29. I'm not in too bad a shape but the dives aren't as easy as when I was younger. Actually I'm really enjoying preparing for this Games even with the self infliction of pain factor.

I've had more energy of late because we're getting heaps of help with the kids. Thanks mum! Sometimes I do wonder if making another bid for the Games was the right choice. I deferred my bachelor of medicine/surgery at UQ for a year to do this. Of course it was the right decision! It's only one year and I'll never be able to do all this again. You only get away with diving 10m for so long, so I've got to get away with as much as I can right now!

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