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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I'm Robert Newbery and I have just qualified for my third Olympic Games in the sport of diving. My first Games were Sydney 2000 and then Athens 2004. So far I have three Olympic medals, all bronze. A nicer colour this time would be good.

There must be something about the Olympics because I have come out of retirement just to go for it again. It'll be harder this time because now I have two kids (Jet 6 and Ryder 1), a job, I'm getting older and I have to pretend I can still jump around athletically like I did when I was in my late teens and early twenties. Cool huh?

No seriously, I'm looking forward to it. I qualified for three events: 3m individual, 3m synchro and 10m synchro. I'm doing 10m with Mat helm and 3m with Scott Robertson. We've had a fair amount of success in recent years and we want to keep our eye on the ball in Beijing. Diving is a sport where a certain amount of skill is involved. I have very little so I rely on blind luck and getawaywithitiveness. I made that last word up to describe what happens on most of my dives, where you jump off the board - don't know what the dickens you're doing but somehow land up and down on your head. Works like a charm (i.e. sometimes maybe). Hope my coach doesn't read this.

Any how, I'll get down to the finer points of Olympic preparation in subsequent posts. There are many intriguing facets of Olympic competition to keep the reader enthralled for many hours (actually there are not but I'll make something up).

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