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Monday, July 14, 2008

Many people are saying things to me such as: "you must be excited about the Games". Well, I am a bit....but I didn't know it was so compulsory. Everyone seems to be so excited about getting excited about the Games that I'm starting to think excitement doesn't excite me enough!

Actually it's in the forefront of my mind how fortunate I am to be representing Australia again and that's sort of exciting for me. To this point Chantelle and I have been supported by the AIS, Diving Australia, the ASC, the AOC, family and friends (google acronyms where unsure of meaning). That's really cool and we're gonna bust out on some serious diving in Beijing.

The Games really are something to be excited about because they are so cool. You may win or lose but you have to make the most of it because they won't roll around for another four years (two if you switch to a winter sport but that's always struck me as being a little on the cold side). Well, we're gonna have a blast over there no matter what.

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