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Thursday, July 3, 2008

We simulated competition conditions at training today. There were judges, scores, officials and spectators. It was actually a pretty good replication of the white-hot intensity of competitive diving. It was all part of a well planned training regimen.

I've been pushing for training to include, or even consist predominantly of, time on a playstation. There are currently no actual games that teach diving so we'll just have to play Call of Duty 4. As a matter of fact the core skills involved in springboard and platform diving are the same as that involved in most playstation games. You just get wetter with diving. And fitter. Wetter and fitter. So far no coach has been very receptive to my suggestion. This is not surprising since our coaches are professional and not predisposed to nonsense.

In any case the training competition went reasonably well but it did highlight some areas which will need working on in the final weeks leading up to Beijing (probably not on a playstation though).

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