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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What do you mean chickenpox?

When Jet appeared from his bed on sunday morning he looked very much like he had chickenpox. I was able to use all of my clinical skills to suppose vaguely that it might just be chickenpox. Mum said it probably was chickenpox. I didn't worry because both mum and I have had chickenpox and are therefore immune. Chantelle told us she didn't think she had had chickenpox before.

This was slightly worrying becuase if she contracted this infectious virus the symptoms would manifest right about when she would compete. Talk about good timing. Also it's a more serious condition in an adult than a child. Chantelle had to go straight to hospital to get a blood test to determine her immunity. An injection of immunoglobulins was also recommended, but last sunday was the exact date that the 'in competition' period began (for drug testing purposes) and immunoglobulins are classed as a blood product and athletes may not have them during competition (talk about good timing again).

Anyway, the upshot of the whole drama was that Chantelle turned out to be immune to chickenpox (but not as immune as she is to listening to what I say...ha ha ha...don't read that last bit Chantelle, ok?). We're all going to have a pox free Games and the only problem is that mum will have to have Jet home from school all day long. Sorry mum. Also Jet will be missing some school and I'm a big fan of a solid education (even more important than sports!!!) but I'm sure he'll catch up.

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