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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well I have been very happy with my performances in both of the synchronized diving events so far. The results themselves could be considered unlucky, but that is not the way that you look at it when you have done everything you can to perform well and have done just that.

Mathew and I dived very well on the 10m and we finished less than half a point from a medal in 4th position. In terms of our goal of winning a medal this would seem devastating on the face of it, but I was very pleased with the dives that I did (in particular 207B and 5255B - google 'dive numbers' for clarification here) and that's what Olympic competition is all about.

Scott and I dived yesterday and we did five good dives out of six but the wheels fell off on the other one. It only happened in one split second but it was enough to rule out finishing with a medal, which on a good dive we may certainly have done. I was pleased that we were competitive with the best eight teams in the world despite our mistake and I find no merit whatsoever in lamenting the medal that we might have won. In olympic competition there is really no 'may have', there is only a score and a place at the end. I am not disappointed, but rather I am happy that we came back very strongly after our calamity.

I now look forward to and prepare for my last diving event, the 3m individual.

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