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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally in Beijing

Well we finally made it here. It was kind of a relief to get on the plane because preparing was really hard work but now we just have to focus on competing.

We have been in the village for one day now but we haven't stopped doing things since we arrived. First up we went to team outfitting to collect all of the team gear. All we had to come over was the travel shirt (I did wear my own pants too). The gear was top notch and it was really cool getting all of it. The Australian team really has a sense of identity when we're cruising around the village or getting about competition venues.

We've also had team meetings, information sessions a press conference, a function and training. It should settle down over the next day so we can get a little down time before comps start.

The village itself is great. We're in a great position, near main dining and the transport mall. I'm writing this from the super resident centre which is also close to our appartment. They have a wi-fi hotspot here.


zanpen said...

sounds great Robert......... great posy........ we are all behing you here in Oz!!!!!!!

Sheena said...

Hi Robert. You must be chafing at the bit to get going with your competition. It certainly sounds very exciting over there. All the best with your diving and I'll definately be watching you and all the divers on TV. Can't wait either. Best of Luck.

Frosty said...

Hey Robert hope you bring home the gold