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Friday, August 8, 2008

Opening Ceremony and other news

I am not at the opening ceremony right now because we compete too early but I'm on the balcony of our appartment in the village and I can see it on tv and I can see the fireworks live. It was exciting to see the Aussie athletes getting ready to leave the village to march.

Steve Waugh, who is an athlete liason officer gave us some inspiration today when he attended our team meeting (usually reserved for the nuts and bolts of living in this environment). He's pretty cool. Team coach Chava Sobrino is originally from Mexico and had no idea what Steve was talking about because Mexico just doesn't have cricket.

I'm trying not to over-eat in main dining but it's pretty brutal down there. Too much food, all looking so tasty and all just ready to go. Gotta take your will power with you. Wait til after comps to eat all the ice-creams, big macs and such.

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